Reporting on L&D under Paris Agreement’s ETF

‘Modalities, procedures and guidelines’ are being worked out, to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement’s Enhanced Transparency framework. While a number of provisions are mandatory, reporting on loss and damage is voluntary.

Although guidance on how to report on loss and damage may be developed over the coming months, thus far there is none. Experience with related reporting processes suggest that reporting on and damage related to extreme events will be challenging, but far easier than reporting on irreversible impacts associated slow-onset events such as ocean acidification.

Against this background, this webinar will present two recent documents:

– A policy brief on elements to consider when reporting on loss and damage.
The brief is based on the scientific literature on loss and damage, and focuses on four key areas: measurements, costs, policies and financing.

– An article published in Climate Policy, giving an overview of Vanuatu’s governmental stance on loss and damage.
This overview will touch upon the challenges that Vanuatu faces with regard to reporting on loss and damage.


  • Elisa Calliari, Researcher Associate, University College London
  • Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh, Assistant Professor, Leiden University

*Photo by barnyz on Flickr

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